Welcome to The Undercover Lover. I'm Sensi, a guy that loves fucking your wives and girlfriends when you're not around.
Women can't resist my charms, to be treated like a true lady and made love to like they've always dreamed of.
I've created many hotwives who cuckold their husband's with me. They love my massive cock and once they've
had a taste and felt it inside them they'll always be thinking of me even when they're fucking you.
A neighbour in distress turned out to be an amazing spontaneous fuck session with this huge-titted brunette, locked out with no keys, me and Trash could not resist telling her about her boyfriend who we saw with another girl leaving her place only a few days before.

I'd be seeing Ellena for a while, she had a famous rock star boyfriend whose name I better not mention lol.. well he was always on the road. They owned an amazing house in the Sussex countryside. I decided to pay her a surprise visit one of the days the rock star was away and take Trash along to capture some of the action.

I got a phonecall from this girl Lucy to come to the local park at midnight as part of a role-play fantasy. I was to be a park warden who catches her soliciting for business as a street hooker. I was to then 'arrest' her and take her back to mine for her 'punishment'.

Sally was a very nervous first time cheater, frustrated by years of sexual neglect from her partner. She came to see me. We had a fun afternoon and Sally loved her BBC experience. So lonely wives out there! Don't be shy, come see Sensi, The Undercover Lover.

You might remember Tallulah, the wild and crazy tattooist girl I fucked last year. Sneaking off with me again to my place I was reminded of how naughty this cheating girlfriend was. I stuck my dick and a few toys in all her holes, fucked her senseless and left her with an oozing creampie. She was certainly very full from todays lunch break.

I'd seen Emma a few times before and this hotwife ticks all the boxes, tall, statuesque, pretty, curves in all the right places and a wonderful pussy that just begs to be cum in. Watch out for the classic moment when Emma rings her unsuspecting Hubby to tell him she's running late while she's still got my cock inside her haha.

The ultimate threesome happened. Lesbian couple Shay and Loz both on my dick. Been smiling for days about this one. Was great to be with two girls that really were into each other. The cherry on the cake had to be blowing my load inside Shay, Loz going down and sucking it out and then snowballing it with Shay. Fuck man.. Life is sweet!

I met student Isabel while out clubbing and we exchanged numbers. was kind of shy but once back at my place the shyness soon wore off and she was taking and begging for my cock. She turned from innocent shy college girl into a raving, sexual, black-cock slut in next to no time. She's promised to introduce me to some of her class mates soon. Watch this space!

I've been seeing this new wife Ruby recently. She's only just got married but already is getting fed up with her husband and his pathetic attempts at sex. She came down to see me for an intimate movie night and a good fucking session that will keep her dumb ass husband wondering why she's been smiling so much lately.

Driving around on Sat night I found this hot blonde. I made my move and persuaded her to come to an after party. Turns out she'd never been with a black guy before, I made sure that first was well and truly fulfilled for her haha. She then slipped out into the night back to find her unsuspecting boyfriend.

You might remember the lesbian Shay I managed to bone last year. I talked my way into her panties when she was feeling a bit down about her relationship with her girlfriend. Well apparently she confessed all to this girlfriend called Loz, who amazingly looked me up to see what all the fuss was about.

A trip to London recently brought a lost party girl to our hotel room door. She seemed interested in me for sure but she wasn't to keen on cheating on her boyfriend. My persistence paid off though, her curiousity about sucking a BBC proved too much and I ended up getting an awesome blowjob!

Remember bored housewife Mai? God I've missed those gorgeous eyes of hers. I made the most of her new titties and the $$$ they cost by giving them plenty of attention and use. Thanks Hubby! And this time she wanted me to cum inside her - this Russian Internet Bride must be looking to start a family soon eh? haha.

Anna is one of those neglected wives. Her husband has been making up excuses not to fuck her for years. He knows of my site and my reputation so he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. £100 to satisfy his wife. Anna was no spring chicken for sure, but as The Undercover Lover I got a duty to give all wives the experience of Big Black Cock!

My mate Mick lost badly at Poker to me and couldn’t pay his debt.. So seeing as I’ve known him for a while I offered to wipe the slate clean… for a night with his wife. He brought me my ‘winnings’ the next night, she was quiet and nervous. Looked like she hadn’t had any sex for some time.

I picked up this hot bodied business woman on the commuters train from London. Jasmine was incredible, she really let herself go with me, she was screaming the place down and gushed all over the floor. I made sure she went on her way satisfied, dishevelled and dripping with cum. Pay attention to your woman next time you dumb ass boyfriend!

Last week we got a random text message to “Get ourselves to London!” from Sara! We were out the door in a flash to have round 2 with the American hotwife. I’ve certainly missed that amazing bubble butt of hers. We fucked hard like rabbits in a room overlooking the Thames. I made sure she had a full mouthwash of cum to take home with her to her US Hubby.

You know my appetite for pursuing bored housewives frustrated with their men. Well today I had a bit of a shock as a little twist in the usual scenario came my way. This hot blonde I chatted up told me her partner was a GIRL! .. An hour or so later, Shay had been thoroughly fucked every which way and her pussy left dripping with my hot black seed.

Wendy was my Supermarket pickup. She had just been dropped off by her husband to do the weekly shop so we didn’t have long to get her back to the flat and give her a good going over with BBC. Well she did make it back in time, whether or not she can explain the messed up hair, smudged make-up and cum leaking pussy is another matter entirely hehe..;)

So there’s me just settling down to watch some TV and I get this hand reach out from the duvet and there’s Ebony. She’d contacted Trash via the website after having problems with her husband and wanted to meet me for a little affair. I sent Ebony back to her man at home a happier girl and full of my seedz.. Gotta be done.. Who’s next?

Wendy was my Supermarket pickup. She had just been dropped off by her husband to do the weekly shop so we didn’t have long to get her back to the flat and give her a good going over with BBC. Well she did make it back in time, whether or not she can explain the messed up hair, smudged make-up and cum leaking pussy is another matter entirely hehe..;)

I’ve been seeing this blonde a few times lately while her boyfriend is hard at work. She’s into role play and each time I go over I gotta play a certain character. This week she wanted me to be the man from the Milk Tray advert. I fucked her hard and left her with a big sticky mess. I left my card too and said my line “And all because the Lady loves dark chocolate!” ;)

Bored housewife Suzy gave me, The Undercover Lover, Sensi a call last week. Her husband was playing golf and would be ‘gone most of the day’. I got Trash and the car and we made the roadtrip north to her posh golfing resort hotel. I fucked her real good and I pumped my potent seed deep inside her pussy.

You might remember Michelle, the girl I got with at the party when her boyfriend was sleeping downstairs. A month or so later I got an invite to South London. I made sure I took Trash along and was amazed to meet Michelle's gorgeous girlfriend Lolly who wanted to get in on our next session. Wow, 2 hot brunettes, this was a top score to capture on video!

Caught red-handed owing our Landlady a few months rent we were ready for eviction but a stroke of luck came our way as she wanted to do a deal where she would have me, Sensi, service her ' like all the other girls' she knew we had back at the flat. The Undercover Lover stepped up to the task and gave her a fucking she won't forget in a hurry.

This guy must been an idiot to leave his cute-bodied honey in the woods near The Undercover Lover hehe. He left his keys where they'd been having lunch earlier, so once he was out of the way I made my move. I made sure Holly got a sweet dessert to take back tonight with this cuckold boyfriend.

Lost on the way home from a party. A hot passing Sunday jogger trips over when checking me out LOL. She hurt her ankle badly, so Sensi, Undercover Lover comes to the rescue and helps the poor lady home hehe. Her boyfriend was at the Gym but we had 40 minutes to give his Fiance a black cock treat and some cum in her pussy for him to have sloppy seconds later.

I got a new tattoo last week by this gorgeous new girl Tallulah working at the tattoo palour, she was flirting with me the whole time I had it done. I gave her my number and told her to call me anytime. When she'd done her boyfriend came in and took her for lunch. I had a good look at the wimpy white guy and just knew she wanted my big black cock more.

Well I guess as this site becomes more popular, I’m going to get recognized every once in a while. Tanya was down on a Hen weekend and and she couldn’t resist coming up and saying hello, before getting the courage to ask for her own video to take home. Unlike Kimberly though, she’s on no revenge mission so won’t be showing her future husband her exploits

You never know when the next sexual encounter is going to crop up. So many unsatisfied wives and girlfriends out there that I really need to keep fit and on top of my game but I didn't expect to find the next conquest at the Gym, we only brought the camera along so I could capture my victory over Trash on the Squash court.

After a hard days work Trash gives me some cheer by telling me he has the new Sara Jay movie for me to watch. He knows I’m a big fan of the bubble butt American hotwife. Imagine my shock when I see not the movie but Sara herself sitting in my bedroom. I was astounded. Trash found out she was in the UK and tempted her down to shoot with me.

Me and Trash have a fondness for finding hot girls in business suits, well cut garments that show the contours of a fine female body. This particular afternoon we struck gold, when this young exec type Kelly in a major hurry mistook us for a mini-cab. So desperate she was to make her meeting, we managed to get a couple of favours in return hehe. .

I had been watching this hot blonde all evening, watching her dance and flirt with the guys. Eventually she caught my eye and I went over and asked her for a drink. Her name was Alexandra and she was visiting from Russia. I noticed her wedding ring and she told me her husband was back in Russia and she didn’t hesitate when I asked her back to the flat.

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